Food 4 Africa nutraceutical porridge is a pre-cooked, well-balanced combination of vitamins and minerals (including trace elements such as Selenium), carbohydrates, protein and cereal fats that work together in a synergistic manner to maximise nutrient intake on a daily basis. It is constituted as an instant breakfast cereal, and has a nutritional density, 29 times that of refined maize.

Nutraceutical Porridge is an energy boosting vitamin and mineral enriched cereal, which ensures that the nutrient intake is more than sufficient to supply more that the body’s daily requirement, thereby allowing excess nutrients to be stored in the bone marrow and liver.

Nutraceutical Porridge, if consumed daily, will eliminate the know nutrient deficiencies as confirmed by the National Food Consumption Survey, i.e. Iron, Zinc, and Vitamin A deficiency.

All this builds a healthy generation, children will not be:

  • iron deficient taking away the lethargic feeling,
  • concentration in school is improved and
  • mental and fine motor co-ordination is greatly enhanced.

In malnutrition, especially protein malnutrition, there is a reversible morphological change in the small intestine, which decreases the absorption area. Nutraceutical Porridge has been designed to ensure that the correct protein, carbohydrates, fats and fibre are given in the correct proportions to allow the intestine to adjust in a few days to be able to absorb the protein, and then the surface area of the small intestine increases proportionally, allowing for higher absorption and metabolism of the needed nutrients.

With its unique mineral design Nutraceutical Porridge expands up to 4 times it’s volume in the stomach, dependent on the amount of liquid taken during the day. This means that:

  • it satisfies hunger for a longer period,
  • smaller portions are required,
  • it’s cost effective,
  • it stops diarrhoea and
  • it allows small eaters to consume a full meal without realising it

Nutraceutical Porridge is packed in 1kg packets to ensure product quality right up to the actual dispensing. One packet will feed a child under the age of 6 for 40 servings. It has a shelf life of one year.

See content of Food 4 Africa porridge and a comparison with Maize Meal.