John Paul Mitchell Systems December 2007 Tour

JP De Joria is a Food4africa Patron and he came out to see us in December 2007. He brought with him Jorn and Anne-Mette Rosting whom are also patrons from Norway.

We visited the poverty stricken, Aids infected and affected, township of Noqolo in Port Elizabeth.

The children at Lillian MGadi‘s school was so excited to meet this Dynamic person and Entourage that they queued up from early morning and waited patiently for us to arrive.

Cheers of welcome and gratitude arose from the crowd gathered here upon our arrival.

The day was marked with joy, laughter and tears as we handed out gift packets donated by John Paul Mitchell Systems. Inside these” Lucky Packets” were T-shirts, stationary and some sweets.
The children loved the attention they received and were fascinated by the cameras and videos. We even had the privilege to see some young girls perform their much practiced dance event.

So much joy was spread during the morning we spent there. The smiles and happiness on the children’s faces were more payment than any salary check could ever bring.

From Lillian’s we went and had a look at the Container and new Wood building at Sindiswe Swartbooi’s crèche. There were no kids to meet us here on this Sunday morning so we just wandered around the empty grounds and knew instinctively that we had yet to do more Fundraising work for this little place.

Our day ended on a very humble note with our Visit to Meisie’s Shelter in Peace Vale. The need and “hopelessness” on the face of those around us was even more evident here than anywhere else we had been today.

She is a lady who saw the need to help and feed homeless children even though she severely crippled and unable to move around at all. Her injuries are from an ex-abusive husband. She has suffered so much pain and agony in her live but had yet more love in her heart to give to others. She is a true inspiration and example to us all. Angel of God, she is.