CoCo’s The Journey

Inspired by John Paul and Eloise De Joria, Patrons to Food4Africa, the Coco Team, a group of professional and future professional hairstylists, set out to raise funds for Ubombo Children Care Centre, in Northern Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa, supported by Food4Africa.

The Coco Team started this journey by raising funds to convert a derelict building into an urgently needed Place of Safety for Rape, Abused, Very Vulnerable and Orphaned Children.

Everyone’s journey starts with a dream and every child, wherever they come from, should be allowed to dream.

I want to take the life of my heart into the heart of their life and make a difference

I want to go to Africa because it will be a life changing experience and will be an amazing feeling knowing that I have helped make a difference!

To be able to experience how other people live

Giving money to charities is easy. But to go and do what your money is going towards will be a life changing opportunity that can not be missed

I want to go to Africa because it will be a great experience and chance for me to see what everyday life is like for those who aren’t as privileged I am and to see how happy they are with what little they have.

The final part of their journey will begin on the 3rd May 2010 when the Coco

Team will fly out to South Africa from Crawley, West Sussex in England and then travel to Ubombo a small village in the northern part of KwaZulu Natal. TheCoco Team will then spend 2 weeks on site getting their hands dirty to revamp the derelict building.