Our Mission

In excess of a million pre-school children throughout South Africa do not receive sufficient food. We are committed to work with other organisations to supply children with at least one vitamin and mineral enriched meal for every day.

Our aim is to achieve this without large administration structures that erode donor’s funds

Our target market is:

  • Pre-School children: feed these toddlers on a sustainable basis while at the most crucial development stages of their fragile little lives.
  • Home based initiatives: feeding those destitute.
  • AIDS orphans: “Early Nutritional Intervention” might help prevent progression or death in HIV-infected children.
  • Shelters, feeding street kids, destitute / neglected children and senior citizens, and places of safety for abused women and children.

Food 4 Africa have negotiated with Tekweni Foods who have been involved in the nutroceutical cereal business for the past 5 years, to produce and pack the product for us.

“E” Distributors, Expressway and D & H Deliveries undertake our logistics and transporting of the product to various depots.