Sun Coast

Our day started when the Food4africa team picked up the spar sponsored food hampers from Ballito Spar.

We then met up with the bus at Mount Moriah, the excitement was running through the air like sparks on a power line.
Shouts of “hurry up!” And “who is not here yet?” Met our ears. The smiles were even wider than when the a1 drivers visited the premises two days before.

Eric and Belinda Gilbert, the founders of Mount Moriah were dressed in their finest beaded clothing and proudly displayed the works of arts the mothers at the centre had made for them.

Finally the kids were all on the bus and off we went.

Most of them had never even seen the other side of the highway never mind a bus ride to Durban and the grand prix!
Upon arrival at sun coast casino the first thing we heard and noticed was the noise and the vibration of the ground. Suddenly all eyes and smiles were even bigger than earlier!!!

Here we were issued with ear plugs and tags so that security would let the group onto the track. Gordon Minott, the founder of Food4africa, handed out the food hampers in an all consuming heat.

Most of us more privileged people have been in a casino before and we did not even bat an eyelid at the majestic sight that greeted us upon entering.

Suddenly the excitement quieted down to whispers of awe as heads turning everywhere to look and drown in all the sights that met these bewildered eyes and wildly thumping hearts.

We were whisked through the entrance hall out to the track and over to the grand stands. Boy oh boy!!! The noise vibrations was even more evident here than in the parking lot.
Big eyes and shouts of joy as the cars came flying past were the order of the day.

From here we toured the pitts and met up with several of the drivers from the visit at Mount Moriah. They greeted us with happy hot faces and answered all sorts of questions.

The cars were fascinating, the people tremendous and the day ended on a bright note when Adrian Zaugg and Johnny Jarvis signed everybody’s information book.

Returning to the bus feet dragged, but laughter and chatter accompanied some very happy children.

Our eyes filled with tears and our hearts became heavy when heartfelt thank you’s were extended and hands waving goodbye were seen through the windows of the departing bus…