Sponsoring the distribution of “ Nutroceutical Cereal” to hungry children in South Africa

A Maize/Soya based, vitamin and mineral enriched, instant cereal that is recommended as a nutritional weight-gain supplement for children from age 6 months

  • Maximises energy levels and enhances immune system to fight off opportunistic diseases
  • Promotes better concentration and a sense of well being
  • Makes it easier for children to cope with everyday schooling
  • Alleviates hunger, the worst depressant in everyday life

Food 4 Africa product is a unique blend of cooked maize, soya, containing 19 vitamins and minerals that are easy to prepare. You simply mix the cereal with cold or luke warm water or milk and you have a tasty meal that provides a child with the essential vitamins and minerals to build a healthy immune system.

Maize meal is the staple diet for the majority of Southern Africa and has no real value to the consumer, bar the fact that they have a full belly, but it is all starch. In 2003, it was estimated that 25% of all children in Southern Africa suffer from moderate to severe stunting, and Sub-Sahara Africa have the highest rates of compromised sight due to a lack of Vitamin A.

See content of Food 4 Africa porridge and a comparison with Maize Meal.