Food4africa had the priviledge to meet some of the 2008 A1 grand prix racing drivers on 20 th February 2008 when they paid the relief station Mount Moriah a visit. Dana and Pearl from Megapro, the PRO company, arrived very early on this humid morning to set up stage for the day.

A brand new scalextric set was unpacked and set out, tins of paint and paint brushes was stacked outside for the jungle gym, rubber tyre swings needed to be hung and a soccer ball brought out.

The air was filled with excitement as we awaited the arrival of the bus with all the soon to be famous youngsters.

Cheers of welcome erupted from young and old as the bus slowly wound it s way through the very narrow street of Shakaskraal towards us.

Introductions were made all around and then the fun started.

The drivers were more enthusiastic than the boys about the scalectric and roars of laughter erupted as the little cars were put through their paces on the circuit. Everybody wanted a turn to show off their powress as driver of a remote control car.

Some of the kids had never even seen a remote control nevermind a scalectric track and whispers of awe was floating around the rooms.

The soccer match between the drivers and boys was full of fun. The little ones gave as good as they got from the drivers with shouts of joy and triumph as goals were scored on either side.

When the huffing and puffing got too much the group moved on to the jungle gym.

I could not believe my ears when one of the drivers said that “I know this is a paint brush but I have never used one in my life”.

The painting started and even more fun and laughter filled the then cloudy afternoon.

Not only was there serious painting lessons given to the drivers by these very needy youngsters but face painting was the order of the day.

Adrian got paint on his cheeks and very close to his eyes. We helped him to clean his face amid nervuos wipes and roars of laughter from onlookers.

The day then turned serious as thank you speaches had to be done and Gordon Minott from Food4Africa handed over the wire cars that Megapro commissioned Tangerine Marketing to make. The wire cars were artfully decorated with African beads and true replica’s of the real maccoys.

Adrian zaugg, Oliver Jarvis and Johnny were very proud to hand over these toy wire- cars to Eric Gilbert the founder of Mount Moriah.

The kids loved their cars and immediatley ran around playing with their gifts with huge smiles on their little faces.

The day ended perfectly when we were invited to tour the pitts in Durban at the grand prix track. Wow!!!!

What a day this was for not only the kids from this very poor settlement but also for the well travelled group of grand prix members and drivers.

A day that was burned into our minds with fond memories and singing hearts for it takes very little to make a poor child happy. They have nothing so every “scrap” of “something” is more than what they would have had in their life time and their smiles showed their contentment…..